INDIA Time lapse

Timelapse scenes shot during a trip to India, Tamil Nadu province in January 2010.

This "Ring of Fire" version by Ramesh Weeratunga inspired me to put it together into a short film.



Music: "Ring of Fire" by Ramesh Weeratunga



BERLIN Time lapse                          

This is a collection of timelapse sequences shot in Berlin.

I tried to capture the amazing magic hours skies that Berlin offers during some midsummer nights. It´s shot with DSLR, Milapse Head and some Hyperlapses or walk-lapse.


Music: Manu Delago "Mono Desire" taken from the Album MADE IN SILENCE (SWR 20/10)




VIVAT Time lapse  

Radish, bean and wheat seeds making their way into the light and this timelapse movie.



Music: "Asi es la vida" by the mexican band Elefante.